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I no longer enjoy eating out as much as used to as I invariably find something that annoys or irks me enough to spoil the experience. Biggest letdown is overpriced or formulaic food or something of lesser ,yet enough importance to bug me. This can include ,in no particular order : inattentive, attitudinal or incompetent waitpersons, poor restaurant lighting , poor acoustics, poor layout of tables, lack of cleanliness , dirty restrooms, tables too close to one another, poor plate presentation, luke warm table water , wobbly and unstable tables, salt shakers that don’t shake etc.

Call it the “vibe”, or lack thereof. The trick is to taper the expectation to the level of the venue, this usually works but not always. One wouldn’t expect fantastic service at a Balinese warung nor lousy service in a 5 star hotel but I’ve experienced both.

Once in a blue moon an establishment makes you question your preconceived ideas about dining out and your low expectation levels .Instead of coming in under my expectation as most places do, X74 took me to a different plane yesterday with a faultless , perfect display of everything that one asks for in a restaurant experience. The attention to detail jumps out at you and hits you between the eyes.This is what separates the great places from the also rans.

I had the full breakfast with grilled cherry tomatoes as extras.

To me breakfast is the best meal to eat out. I mean who could be bothered to drag oneself out of bed on a cold winters morning to prepare the following ? :

Two eggs sunny side up , on perfectly toasted wholemeal bread, beautifully proportioned non oily hash browns , exquisite bacon rashers, superb homemade skinless sausage, delicious homemade baked beans with ham hock served separately on the plate in a delightfully attractive mini crock pot, beautifully browned button mushrooms.

The freshness of the produce is undeniable at x74. Attention to small detail again :they serve Cherry tomatoes here , your run of the mill establishment dishes up garden variety. The presentation on the plate was almost a work of art.

My daughter had poached eggs benedict with salmon and hash brown sides . In a word: superb. Excellent friendly service with spot on timing . The guys here have this down to a fine art. I asked for tomato sauce ,(ok call me old fashioned) which was served in a small crockery dish (as was the butter serve)

10/10 for attention to detail, no tacky red squeeze bottles here.

Great quality coffee and a chilled ( attention to detail here again ) and very welcomed ,glass of water that arrived after the meal ,unrequested.

X74 is ,as other reviewers have noted , an exciting addition to the local eating scene .I really enjoyed the fact that it’s stand alone and not part of a restaurant strip like The Spot.

I am really looking forward to taking some friends and having dinner there.If they display the same quallty as breakfast I know we will love it.